Detroit Based Comedy Stealing Jokes in Final Stages of Post production

Michigan based Producer Michael Manasseri joined writer/director, Mike Young, and Director of Photography, Geoff George, in Los Angeles for the color correcting and sound mix sessions for the Detroit based comedy, Stealing Jokes, at Fotokem’s Keep Me Posted and Signature Post studios. Stealing Jokes stars comedians Jeff Dye, HaHa Davis, Dustin Y’Barra and Luke Null. The film also stars Ryu Nguyen with cameos by Sebastian Manilscalco, Tony Rock. Michael Rapaport and Michael Manasseri also show up as the villains in this heist comedy produced by Woodward Original and Rock Ventures CEO, Dan Gilbert.

Stealing Jokes color session @Keep Me Posted in Los Angeles
Stealing Jokes sound mix @Signature Post - Santa Monica, CA